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About Jodi Fjelde Photography

With our team of talented photographers, you can be your true self.

And receive photos that reflect the genuine personality of your day.

Your greatest desire is to capture moments between you and the people you love. Our greatest desire is to do the exact same thing–for you. With our expertise in emotional intelligence, creativity, and attention to detail, we form a team with unparalleled skills to deliver exceptional photographs.

Trustworthy Partners for Heartfelt Memories


Every moment in life contains an element of emotion. And a wedding day is certainly not the exception. How do I know?

Because my experience as a special education teacher and therapist taught me that people always feel something. That's what makes us human! And my background in design taught me that there is beauty in all of it too. Over the last decade of photographing weddings, I have learned to anticipate those joy-filled, beautiful moments of connection.

And I embrace my role of guiding you through your wedding day and ensuring you feel at ease. Keep reading to learn how I do it!


Meet Jodi

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Much like you, family is at the heart of everything we do. This is why you can count on us to be ready the moment your mom wraps you in her arms. Or your dad tears up the first time he sees you. And you can trust that your album will become a treasured heirloom, evoking fond memories for years to come.

We Focus on Your Family

As soon as we enter the room, we begin reading it. And we bring the emotional intelligence to know when to interject humor, when to direct you, or when your moments are best left to naturally unfold. So you'll know exactly what to do in front of the camera while staying fully present for every unforgettable moment.

We Guide With Empathy

We each have a keen eye for the extraordinary and will quickly perceive how each detail of your wedding is unique to you. So much so that all the special touches you and your planner put together will come back to life in our photographs, preserving the essence of your one-of-a-kind celebration.

We Pay Attention To Detail

This is your chance to jazz up your day-to-day look, so let's make it incredible! We'll recommend outfits to help you feel comfortable and confident for your engagement session. And we'll create a relaxed and fun atmosphere complete with friendly guidance. In turn, you'll feel and look your best–which will result in naturally stunning photographs.

We Dress Up The Occasion


Jodi is very warm and welcoming. If you are skeptical of having photos taken, she will make you feel comfortable and make you laugh. She really is the best.

Warm & Welcoming


Jodi was so kind, helpful and was able to get photos even amongst the chaos. I will be forever grateful to her for her support and kindness.

Kind & Supportive

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There is beauty in everything.

Genuine love for others is paramount.

And celebrating these things at your wedding is the perfect first step to a beautiful marriage.

I am convinced that:



Jodi's true gift is the relationship she builds with you. She takes the time to get to know your visions and brings them to fruition. No one in this process was warmer or more genuine than her.

Your Deepest Concern & Desire Becomes Hers


Jodi helped to put us at ease and was able to capture so many beautiful and spontaneous moments.

Beautiful & Spontaneous

Moments Worth Remembering

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